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Largest Tablet Computer, or Cellphone?

What is the size of the largest tablet computer?  10-inch? 20-inch? These answer are far from right. The answer is 55-inch. The product is coocaa honour A55, made by coocaa & Huawei .


Yes, I know it just looks like a TV, but it’s a tablet (or cellphone?) in deed. For some ridiculous reasons, this tablet was invented. I have to mention State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) . As its name, Televison is managed by SARFT.

SARFT used made some strict rules on what can be broadcast on TV. But TV box changed everything, it can helper audience watch any program through the Internet, Thus, users don’t need cable account to watch news, drama, shows, etc. Furthermore, for its own interest, SARFT prohibit TV Box provide any online video.

Consequently, 55-inch tablet was invented. For now, tablet is out of the range of SARFT, it can play all the video resources online.