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When Devils on the Doorstep

JIANG Wen have became one of the most popular director since his moive- Let The Bullets Fly relased. So far, it maintains the record of box-office of Chinese moive in China. The success in box-office is totally on the basis of attractive plot and excellent flim editing. Devils on the doorstep Not until this film, Jiang Wen have been regarded as a top director, even Let the Bullets Fly is not his first moive. Befor this film, he directed and Devils on the Doorstep in 2000,and which have been banned since then in Mainland China for polical reasons.

Devils on the Doorstep told a story happened in a region controled by Japs during World War II in China. Ma Dasan(acted by Jiang Wen as well) is famer simply intend to marry a widow. But one night a partisan send two captives, a Japanese soilder and a Chinese translator, to his house and asked him to “take care of them”, the partisan never showed again and this cause Ma Dasan and villagers getting crazy about these two captives. And here the story starts.

I don’t intent to rephrase this moive here. I have to say, however, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best Chisese moives I have ever seen, it is as good as To Live, which is directed by Zhang Yimou and also banned in Mainland China.

There are many moives about Anti-Japanese War. But Japs in these moive have one character in common: they look stupid and ugly. In contrast, our guy are smart and good looking. Here comes a problem: how is that possible that those stupid Japs conquer most land of China.

In Devils on the Doorstep, Japs are both kind and cruel, not only can they send candy to children, but massacre the whole village as well. Sometimes Japs are only regular farmers come from contryside, more often that, they are devils on the doorstep.

More recently, Japan is still hated by most of the Chinsese for their invasion 70 years ago, even Japanese food, animation, culture and products are highly accepted by us.