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Driving License in China

Road in China have been occupied by all sort of cars. It just happened happened since the new century, as China joined the WTO and the import duty was hugely cut off. Since then,  increasingly citizen are able to afford a car.

I have a driving license, barely used however. Maybe I don’t have to much qualification to comment this, but it’s not true. Many friends gave me a ride, certainly I can share some experience.

When someone drive for you, you cannot simply trust his/her skill by glancing driving licence. He/She who owns a drive licence does not mean one could drive on the road at all.

In China, Driving exam have three parts: first part is based on computer, people need to answer questions about driving and law. In Peter Hessler’book, Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory, collected some ridiculous questions from the exam.

Second part is really difficult, it include backing a car, parking a car, slope starting, 100 meter shift up and shift down, etc. It’s easy to fail. When I do the exam, the third part is extremely easy. Legally, prat three need driving in actual road. But I drove only thirty meters, then the examiner told me it’s ok.

Usually when someone really intend to drive, they will call a coach previously. After days of training, it could brought some confidant to drivers.

As you can see, driving exam is not that reliable as it supposed to be. So, be careful on the road.