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China’s National Judical Exam

National Judical Exam(NJE) is a very important exam in China for those people who intend to be a lawyer,  DA, or a judge, for if only you pass this exam, you are able to get certificates of legal professional qualification, and then you could apply for a lawyer, DA, or a judge. Put it another way, NJE is the only way could start your legal career.

NJE started from 2001, and  evloved from China’s Bar Exam. The initial NJE advocators, like Professor He Weifang, intended to build a legal community including lawyers, judges, procurators, law school professors, and law school students. In their point, this legal community could rise the honour of all the lawyers, and they together are possible to improve  China’s legal system.

NJE usually hold on the third Saturday and Sunday of  September, in 2008,  NJE in Sichuan Province delayed for the Earthquake. People need to regisiter online in May, and confirom in June. The rgistration fee usually above 200RMB and different from province to provience.

The participants of  NJE must have a bechalor degree, but not just limited in law degree. It means whatever you studied at university, you could  participate NJE. From 2008, senior student from university are able to take NJE without a dipoma. According to the current rule, only Chinese people could take NJE. And just in recent years, gorvernment agreed Taiwanese and Hong Kongnese to participate NJE, but still, they could not get a licence of lawyer or any other career.

At the begninning of  NJE, only few people, around 2%-5%, are able to pass it. But in recent years, the pass rate increase to over 20%. But still, it’s a hard exam and need a long time studying.