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Xi’an: Wolong Temple

Wolong Temple is the oldest buddhist temple in Shaanxi Province, which have a history around 1,800 years. Wolong(卧龙, means crouching dragon) Temple is not a well-known temple, even for local people. When I was in middle school, I almost pass by Wolong Temple every week, but I have no idea that there is a temple lying  out there.

Actually, Wolong Temple is just besides the famous Beilin Museum, and close to the City Wall.

Unlike anther popular temple in Xi’an, people can get little information about Wolong Temple. Anyway, I got something:

In Sui Dynasty(589-618 AD), the name of  temple was Fuying Zen Yard(福应禅院). In Tang Dynasty(618-907 AD), it had been called Guanyin Temple(观音寺). Its name changed into Wolong Temple in Song Dynasty(960-1279 AD), for in the temple, an renowned buddhist monk had been called Wolong Monk.

In the late of the Qing Dynasty(1644-1912 AD), when Eight-Nation Alliance occupied Beijing/Peking, the emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi went to Xi’an, they donate a great wealth of money to Wolong Temple. Back then, Wolong Temple received many a treasure given by all sorts of people.

Unfortunately, during the Culture Revolution, Wolong Temple suffered a serious disater, constructions had been ruined, and the buddhist abbot, Langzhao(朗照), was forced to suicide.

In 1992, Wolong Temple was reopend, But the culture relics can never find back.

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