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Shaanxi Tourist Annual Pass

Shaanxi Travel Annual Pass

The Shaanxi Tourist Annual Pass is collective ticket issued by local travel official. The pass program started since 2005, and contains several major tourist spot and museum in Xi’an and some other city in Shaanxi.

Generally, the valid period of the pass is from 1st, Jan- 31st, Dec. The price of  the ticket is 98 Yuan(RMB), which is much cheaper than the usual price. The ticket also need a photo(2.5×3.5cm) of the user, which is to make sure the Pass can only be used by holder himself/herself.

The Shaanxi Tourist Annual Pass could be bought online and  many places in Xi’an, like post office(like the one near Bell Tower), newsstand, and some travel agency. (Here is a list in Chinese)

In 2016, the ticket includes Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Daming Palace Relics Park, Archaeology Park of Han Yangling, Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, Hejiacun exposition of Shaanxi History Museum, and some other spots in Xi’an. For those travelers who prefer history, relics or museums, it might be a good idea to buy a ticket.

Offfcial website(in Chinese):

Hard to Breath Sometimes

Like Beijing, people in Xi’an suffered from the poor air condition every winter. For the geography reason, it’s hard to snow or rain in Xi’an in winter, take this year for example, it was snowed once or twice. These snow turned into water as soon as it hit the ground.

Thus, air condition is really hard to change if there is no wind coming.

In there weather forecast of Xi’an, you can see a haze icon. When people breath, it can be felt that something is in the air. Inside the room is no better, unless you have a functional air filter.

Air Condition in Xi'an

The picture is the view out of my office. It seems much better than the morning. The entiry city just like “Slient Hill”.  In these days, blue sky is something only can be seen in TV.

Slow as Horse

In my native language, there is an interesting phrase, which is “… as horse”(…成马咧), to describe a very strong emotion.

Usually, it can be used as SLOW AS HORSE when driving speed is not satisfied, or the speed of downloading is horrible, even sometimes horse can run really fast. More often people used this before they take a nap, SLEEPY AS HORSE can certainly describe you feeling.

As a matter of fact, this phrase seemed nothing to do with any horse in the world, simply a easy word to say. Anyway, good luck with HORSE.