Shaanxi Tourist Annual Pass

Shaanxi Travel Annual Pass

The Shaanxi Tourist Annual Pass is collective ticket issued by local travel official. The pass program started since 2005, and contains several major tourist spot and museum in Xi’an and some other city in Shaanxi.

Generally, the valid period of the pass is from 1st, Jan- 31st, Dec. The price of  the ticket is 98 Yuan(RMB), which is much cheaper than the usual price. The ticket also need a photo(2.5×3.5cm) of the user, which is to make sure the Pass can only be used by holder himself/herself.

The Shaanxi Tourist Annual Pass could be bought online and  many places in Xi’an, like post office(like the one near Bell Tower), newsstand, and some travel agency. (Here is a list in Chinese)

In 2016, the ticket includes Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Daming Palace Relics Park, Archaeology Park of Han Yangling, Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, Hejiacun exposition of Shaanxi History Museum, and some other spots in Xi’an. For those travelers who prefer history, relics or museums, it might be a good idea to buy a ticket.

Offfcial website(in Chinese):

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