It is easy to imagine how wars fight in cosmos, giant spaceship shoot each other by laser light, Jedi Knight cut each other with their light saber, or throwing nuclear bomb to enemies. All these methods are just “too simple, sometimes naive.”

In Liu Cixin’s Three-body Trilogy, the wars between human and aliens are just like an art, and beyond one’s wildest mind.

The first war in universe happened in solar system, earth sent almost all the spaceships fleet to catch a single probe send by Three-body civilization. The spaceships were well equipped, with all kinds of sci-fi weapon. While, the probe is simple, looks like a droplet, the surface is more smooth than mirror. Even under a 10,000,000x microscope, there is no flaw on it. It’s absolutely beyond human technology, like the black Monolith in Space Odyssey. And soon, the droplet destroy entire space fleet by hit. Simple and brutal.

Comparing with Dark Foresthit, droplet attack is nothing but a children’s game. Dark Forest hit means eliminate a solar system, to make sure civilization can not live any more.So far as we know, there are two ways to do that. One is using “Photin” hitting star directly, with the explosion of solar, destroy everything in solar system. But, there is way to defense this kind hit, by hiding behind giant planet like Jupiter or Saturn.

The other kind of Dark Forest is romantic. In the novel. An unknown civilization sent a “Difoil” to solar system. It looks like a piece of paper. However, it brings a “Dimensional”atteck. Transfer our system from three dimensional space to two dimensional  space, just as van Gogh’s Starry Night. No one can live in 2D solar system.

What’s really terrified in novel is Liu predicts senior civilization could use physics laws to lunch attack, or even math laws.

It seems a bad idea to communicate with aliens. Anyway, don’t panic, our earth is most harmless.

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