Friends’ Thanksgiving


As a Chinese, Thanksgiving day is so far from me. First I know this hoilday is from English class in secondary school. Teacher told us this hoilday is on some Thusday November, people in America go back home, sharing roast turkey together. Just like Middle Autumn Day in China, in that day Chinese people would like to staying with their family and eating mooncake, meanwhil watching the moon, if the moon would not shade by clouds.

That is only a blur impression on Thanksgiving Day. What make the hoilday clear is Friends, a sitcom. I like it so much that I watched  it three or four times. Every Thanksgiving there is an special episode, six friends gathered up, share their story. People watching football, even they dont like it(Chandler and Phoebe), eating entire turkey(some times by someone alone, like Joey), and playing football(S03E08, most classic episode ever). With Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel, Thanksgiving means something to me, watching these ten episodes is the best way to celebrate my Thanksgiving, thanks these characters bring so much joy and pleasure to my lify.

When I walking on the street, two teenagers passing by with their finger crossed, they pray: Today is Thanksgiving, first let’s mourn three minutes. Mourn?  Maybe for those Indian killed by settlers.

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