The Three-body Trilogy by Liu Cixin

Three-body Trilogy

Liu Cixin, who is a senior computer engieer works in Niangziguan Power Station(located in a small town in Shanxi Province), use his leisure time to write Sci-fiction novels. His works never fail to amaze me, sometimes are absolutly byond my wildest imagination about universe, especially after I read his latest work: Three-body III: Deadend. It is possible that Deadend is the final part of his “Three-body” trilogy.

The trilogy is consisted by Three-body, Three-body II: Dark Forest, Three-body III: Deadend. After finish the whole series, I got a feeling that anything is nothing, and sometimes when I look at stars in the sky,  it terrified me.

The story of Three-body Trilogy starts from the death of Ye Wenjie(叶文洁)’s farther, Ye Zhetai(叶哲泰), a physics professor in Tsinghua University during Culture Revolution in China. His death was caused by insisting E=mc^2. Ye Wenjie witness her father’s tragedy and herself was send to a secret base named “Hong An”(红岸,Red Coast) for her college major- astronomy.

After years of hard work, her loyalty have been proved and was told the truth about the Hong An Base. The Base was built for searching Aliens in Universe, just like SETI. In 1971, Ye Wenjie got an opptunity, she send messages through the sun, which could amplfies the signal largly.

Eight Years later, she received a reply from Three-body system which is 4 lightyears from Earth, the message was simple: DO NOT REPLY, OR WE WILL FIND YOU AND ATTACK. Unfortunatly, Ye Wenjie ignore this warning for she had disappointed at all human beings, and she expected aliens could bring hope to people. Also, she kept this secret and no doubt she is the first people touch alien civilization.

With the secret had been kept, Hong An had been dismissed for the change of time. Ye go back to her university and start her teaching career. Years later, she met an American, named Evans, who is also disappointed at humans. She shared her secret to him. And Evans built a ship as “Hong AN II” and he recruited some believers, many of these are elites.

In the mean time, two intellect protons(called Zhizi in later days) have send to Earth by Three-body System. Their job is to lock down human’s development of science by influent the result of physicial experiment. The unstable output of experiment cause serious problems, as scientists started questioning their own value system, some of them try to suicide.

Here the story began…

In this trilogy, the aliens never show up, Liu never told his reader what are those ET looks like, but he use many pages to illustrate their culure, which linked to Three-body system. More importantly, in the second book, after the first approach, Liu start to unveil the truth about our universe, universe is like nothing but a “dark forest”, civilization inside are facing great danger all the time( I may explain this theory next time). In the final book, the whole truth about this cruel universe have been showed to his reader.

Anyway, Liu’s trilogy is the best sci-fi novel I’ve ever read, his universe is just like Hawking’s, suggest that human should never try to contact E.T., or we will be in danger.

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