Tiger Father and Dog Son

As a Chinsese motto says:”Tiger Father will not have a dog son”,so does tiger mother, Amy CHUA, who is well-known for her new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Her book rose many debates in both sides of Pacific Ocean, as the significance of education always matters for families and governments. Parents care about their children’s futuer, meanwhile, politicians think about country’s competence tomorrow.

President Obama mentioned the importance of  education in his State of the Union Address weeks ago, he even recall‘sputnik’to emphasize the crisis the American are facing: Chinese student are able to get a higher soccer in test like math, physics and chemistry. Thomas Friedaman, who is well-known for his book The World is flat, suggested that the turbulence in  Egypt is partly caused by Chinese education system. As the egyptian education system, unlike China, just trained some “the educated unemployables”.

Notwithstanding Chinese students could achieve good rusult in all sorts of test, the sad truth here is, China’s education system is still far from success. The best option for a senior in China’s campus are nothing but go abroad to futher one’s study, especially for those student in top universities. In anther word, China are not capable of keeping its best student inside the country.

Tiger Mother’s accomplishiment seems obvious, for sending children to key university is almost the biggest goal for every parents in China. Students are repeated told that the importance of attending colleges, it’s the only justification why they study so hard. It is probably that one day children would like to say thanks to his/her parents. Still, attending universities is just one of  educations’methords,  rather than  the destiny of education.

As a conlusion, inspite of China’s education system achieved some attaiment, it is still not an ideal example for the world.

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