Name with Pinyin

Pinyin(拼音) is a way of spelling Chinese character in English, and how we type Chinese character from keyboard. pinyin Even someone tried to use Pinyin displace Chinese character decades ago.

As we know, much unlike westerners, Chinese put their family name before their given name, but when Chinese people go abroad, there are always some blanks need to fill, and mostly, name is necessary. We have to follow the tradition of the West, put our given name before family name. And we someone read those names, it would be pretty weird, say, my Chinese name is SHI Yuhang, but people will read my name as Yuhang SHI, really odds.

According to the news, National Language Committee(never heard before) is going to unify the way of spelling name, family name should before given name in Pinyin.

I have no idea whether this rule could work or not, but at least, to me, someone else could read my name correct is a good thing. But foreigners won’t read this rule…

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